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I loved the game but the problem is the camera sensivity and no options menu, out of this i loved the game and the every ways possible.

(Sorry for my bad english) 

The game is really cool but there is too much sensitivity and it makes the game unplayable (even 0) when you have settled this problem I probably go back on the game :-)

Hi, I am currently working to patch the issues of the game and especially the mouse sensitivity, some guidelines for the player and some combat system fix. The first things might come out quite soon, hopefully in this or the next few days so stay tuned ; )

This is the foundation of a really interesting game, the art style is gorgeous and the planet rotation mechanic is really cool. But the whole time I was playing I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, how to overcome certain obstacles or where I was supposed to be going. With some clearer goals, instructions and some polish on the combat this is going to be great, but as it is right now, it just pretty to look at :)